US adds India to currency watch list with China 美国将印度列入外汇观察名单,中国也在列。 WASHINGTON: The US Treasury added India to its watch list of countries with potentially questionable foreign exchange policies, joining China and four others, according to a report issued Friday. 华盛顿:周五的一篇报告称,美国财政部将印度列入外汇潜在风险观察名单,中国和其他四个国家也在列。 63758454.jpg.png Treasury said the "monitoring list" includes those "major trading partners that merit close attention to their currency practices." 财政部表示,“监测名单”中包含了那些“值得密切关注其外汇政策的主要贸易伙伴”。 In addition to India, the semi-annual report to Congress names five countries that continue on the list from October: China, Germany, Japan, Korea and Switzerland. 除印度之外,这份递送给国会的半年度报告还列出了从10月份开始新增的5个国家:中国、德国、日本、韩国和瑞士。 Countries remain on the list for two report cycles "to help ensure that any improvement in performance versus the criteria is durable and is not due to temporary factors." 这些国家将在名单中保留一年时间“以确保他们基于标准进行的改善是长期持续的,并不是由于临时性因素造成的。” While no major trading partner was found to be manipulating its currency, five of those on the list meet two of the three criteria, while China is included because "it constitutes a disproportionate share of the overall US trade deficit." 虽然未发现主要贸易伙伴在操纵汇率,但这5个国家符合三项标准中的两项,中国就是其中之一,因为“它占据了美国总体贸易逆差的不合理份额。” The US has a deficit of $337 billion with China of a total global trade deficit of $566 billion, according to government data. 根据美国政服的数据,美国对华贸易逆差为3,370亿美元,而美国的全球贸易逆差为5660亿美元。 "We will continue to monitor and combat unfair currency practices, while encouraging policies and reforms to address large trade imbalances," US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said in a statement. 美国财政部长史蒂芬•姆钦在一份声明中表示:“我们将继续监测和打击不公平的外汇操纵并支持解决巨大的贸易失衡问题的政策和改革。” The Treasury report is required by Congress to identify countries that are trying to artificially manage the value of their currency to gain a trade advantage, for example by keeping the exchange rate low to promote cheaper exports. 美国国会要求财政部的报告确定哪些国家在人为操纵本国货币的价值以获得贸易优势,例如保持低汇率让出口商品价格更低廉。 The report said India, which has a $23 billion trade surplus with the United States, "increased its purchases of foreign exchange over the first three quarters of 2017," although the rupee still rose in value. 报告称,印度对美国的贸易顺差为230亿美元,尽管“印度在2017年前三个季度增加了对外汇的购买量”,但卢比持续升值。 And while China -- which is at the center of a brewing trade dispute with Washington -- remained on the watch list, Treasury said "the Chinese currency generally moved against the dollar in a direction that should" help reduce China's trade surplus with the United States. 尽管中国处于华盛顿正在酝酿的贸易争端的漩涡中心,被继续留在观察名单中,但美国财政部表示,“人民币兑美元的汇率总体上正往应该”有助于降低对美贸易顺差的方向调整。 Germany also remained on the watch list, even though it is part of the European currency union, which means it cannot independently control the exchange rate for the euro. 德国也被留在观察名单中,尽管它是欧洲货币联盟的一分子,无法独立地控制欧元汇率。 Even so, the report notes that Germany "has the world's largest current account surplus" and has made "little to no progress in reducing this massive surplus the past three years." 即便如此,报告指出,德国“拥有世界上最大的经常账户盈余”,并且“过去三年中,在减少巨额盈余方面几乎没有取得任何进展”。 Treasury called for all the countries on the list to implement economic reforms to address their surpluses. 财政部呼吁名单上的所有国家实施经济改革以解决他们的盈余。 译文来源:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com/44696.html 印度时报网友评论:
Sriram Balu 1634 Sriram Balu-Chennai-19 hours ago Positive for India. Indian rupee will shoot up. BJP best Govt in free India 对印度来说是好事。印度卢比会升值。人民党是印度独立以来最好的政服。
Shrikant Iyengar 3573 Shrikant Iyengar-19 hours ago Thanks to Modiji for this! Credit where it is due.. 感谢莫迪
Jai HindJai-19 hours ago Another master stroke !!!! 这是莫迪的又一个伟大功绩。
I Am From Hell 3568 I Am From Hell-dont know-18 hours ago that means Modi is doing good for india. Support Modi 这意味着莫迪为印度做了好事,支持莫迪
Srinivasan V 2310 Srinivasan V-16 hours ago This is very proud movement . A country calling itself No 1 is afraid of India. We are being termed with Germany and Japan. Every Indian should be proud of this 这一举措非常值得骄傲。一个自认为世界第一强国的国家居然害怕印度。我们现在被美国视为和德国、日本一样的国家了。每个印度人应该都为此感到自豪。
Rakesh Takru 20205 Rakesh Takru-18 hours ago Hope our current government too takes appropriate steps in our national interest with changes coming up in the international market........... 希望我们现任政服采取适当的措施,让印度在龙8娱乐国际官方网站首页外汇市场上获益
Udit Sood 130 Udit Sood-17 hours ago Go India Go...will take away trade from China and become the next powerful nation close to the 1st world countries. 印度加油,拜托中国的贸易,成为下一个龙8娱乐国际官方网站首页强国
Rahul Warrier 573 Rahul Warrier-15 hours ago Nobody cared to talk about Indian Rupee when the great economist was our robot pm earlier 我们的总理当经济学家的时候,没人对印度卢比感兴趣
Maddy ?TitansRHere? 5669 Maddy ?TitansRHere?-16 hours ago BJP is the future of Developed India. Credit goes to Modi. Waiting for Islamic Congressi Piddi''s come barking. 人民党能帮助印度成为发达国家。这是莫迪的功劳。坐等伊斯兰国大党拉胡尔来哔哔。
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