-------------译者:Mmememe- Three women who had travelled to South Korea to undergo plastic surgery were reportedly stuck at the airport on their return journey because they looked too different from their passport pictures. 据报道称,三个去韩国做整容手术的女士在返途的过程中因她们的样子与护照上的照片差异太大而被困机场。 The trio said to be from China were recovering from their operations as it appears as they had swollen faces and bandages around their head. 这三个人据说来自中国,还处于从手术中康复的阶段,因此她们的脸庞肿胀,头上还缠着绷带。 452A933300000578-0-image-m-89_1507552999693.jpg They were said to look nothing like their passport photos and had been stopped from flying home according to reports on Chinese-language media. 中文媒体报道称她们看起来因护照上的照片一点都不像而被拒飞回家。 The three women were said to be stuck at an airport in South Korea because they looked too different from their passport pictures. The trio were said to be from China The picture was said to be taken at one unnamed airport in South Korea during China's National Day holiday according to Apple Daily. 苹果日报称这张照片是在韩国某机场(未透露机场名)被拍下的,当时正值中国的国庆节。 Those who fly to South Korea from abroad to have the operations are in some cases so transformed that they are struggling to get through passport control on the way home. 那些从国外到韩国去整容的,有一些因为整的部分过多,要通过护照监管回家变得很费劲。 According to a previous report on Kotaku some hospitals resorted to handing out 'plastic surgery certificates' to patients to enable them to get home. 根据Kotaku之前的报道称医院最终采取给病人发放“整容手术证明”才能让她们回到家。 452B398C00000578-4962836-image-a-106_1507558179061.jpg These certificates are said to include the patient's passport number the name of the hospital they were treated at and the length of their visit to South Korea. 这些证明据说包括病人护照号码、给她们做手术的医院名字以及她们在韩国逗留的时间长短等信息。 The theory goes that these certificates can smooth their path through passport control. 理论上认为这些证明可以让她们在过护站检查的时候更顺利点。 -------------译者:Mmememe- While hospitals have been aware of the problem for a number of years it is said to be becoming an increasingly common issue. 虽然医院方意识到这个问题已有几年,其称这个问题将会越来越常见。 It's believed that the three women who remain unidentified had taken the advantage of the 'Golden Week' and travelled to the neighbouring South Korea to undergo plastic surgery. 据认为,这三名还没有被确认身份的女士利用“黄金周”的优势去临近的韩国实施整容手术。 The picture was said to be posted by Jian Huahua a Chinese news anchor on her social media on October 8. It seems to have be removed by Ms Jian from her account. 据称,这张照片是在10月8日由建华华(音译)——一个中国新闻主播在其龙8龙8娱乐国际官方网站首页娱乐官网媒体上发布的。之后该照片貌似被建女士删了。 One popular account 'The Beijing Things Beijingers Don't Know' managed to re-post the picture on Weibo the Chinese equivalent to Twitter. 一个叫“北京人不知道的北京事儿”的热门用户在微博上重新发布了这张照片。(在中国微博相当于推特。) The post claimed that the three women had been prevented from leaving the airport. They were waiting for their identities to be confirmed. 发布者称这三名女士被拒离开机场。她们正等待她们的身份信息被证实。 The post also claimed that they were among the throngs of Chinese tourists who had gone to South Korea for plastic surgery during the eight-day national holiday. 发布者还声称她们是八天国庆期间蜂拥去韩国整容的中国游客之一。 The re-post has gathered over 66740 'likes' and was shared over 27800 times. 重新发布的这条内容共收到了66740个“赞”,并被分享了27800次。 It has also received 37860 comments. 这条微博还有37860条评论。 -------------译者:Mmememe- While some people found the incident amusing others argue that the women were within their rights to change their looks through surgery. 有一部分人认为这件事情很搞笑,另一部人则认为女人有权通过整容改变自己的样貌。 It is currently unclear when and if the women were allowed to return to China. 目前这三位女士有没有被允许回国以及什么时候回国仍是未知。 It's said that 99000 Chinese tourists went to South Korea to undergo plastic surgery in 2016. In the file photo a plastic surgeon checks a patient's post-operation condition in a consultation room at the clinic in Seoul South Korea South Korea has become a top plastic surgery destination for Chinese women in the past decade and a half. 在过去的十五年里,韩国成为中国女人实施整容手术的最佳地点。 South Korea has become a top plastic surgery destination for Chinese women in the past decade and a half. In the file photo a pedestrian walks past an advertisement for plastic surgery clinic at a subway station in Seoul Chinese tourists make dedicated trips to South Korea under the 'Medical Tourists' visa to make themselves look more westernised. 中国的游客还专门通过“医疗护照”去韩国让自己看起来更加西方化。 In China women with double eyelids wider eyes and a higher nose bridge are considered beautiful. 在中国,有双眼皮和高鼻梁的女人会被认为是漂亮的。 According to Ctrip one of China's largest travel service providers more than 500000 Chinese tourists made overseas medical trips in 2016. 据携程称——中国最大的旅行服务提供者之一,在2016年有50多万的中国游客进行海外医疗旅行。 Among them 99000 were said to have gone to South Korea. 据称其中有9万9000人去的是韩国。 The figure is said to be a third of the inbound medical tourists South Korea received worldwide. 这个数字据说是韩国接受全球入境医疗游客人数的三分之一。 英国龙8龙8娱乐国际官方网站首页 -------------译者:carpediemzss- Marsh Lemon
I hear South Korea is the place for surgery. If I ever want work on my face when I'm older I will probably go there. Especially since Beverly Hills make all those ladies look the same lol.
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